The 4 Casino Bets You Should Never Make

Baccarat, Roulette, and Slots are some of the games you should avoid in casino bets. The house edge for these games is over 14 percent. Other mistakes include borrowing money to gamble, which can make your situation worse. And one of the biggest mistakes is gambling with money that you have earmarked for other expenses. Instead of using your credit card to make these wagers, stick to a strict budget and limit your playing time.

Avoiding forcing bets

A common tactic of gambling halls is to force players to make forced casino bets. The dealer will usually place the chips in separate boxes, usually locked, and will require the player to make a forced bet every time the hand is dealt. The dealer may also place the chips in a gold symbol box for a similar effect. These are common tactics of forced bets in casino games, but they are not completely foolproof. It is possible to beat the system by playing at lower stakes.

Checking your ticket before placing casino bets

You might be losing money by not checking your ticket before placing a casino bet. Even if you’re not in a casino, there’s a chance your ticket is a fake – the key to this is a bit of common sense. While you’re on the casino’s website, you should make sure the ticket you’re holding has the same serial number as the one you’re placing the bet on.

Avoiding even money

There is one blackjack rule that you should know: don’t place even-money casino bets! This rule applies when the dealer has a ten or higher downcard and you haven’t been dealt a natural blackjack. This rule ties your hands when the dealer peaks on a downcard. However, most players misuse this rule by assuming the dealer will make a blackjack and placing even-money bets.

Avoiding borrowing money while gambling

If you’re a problem gambler, one of the best tips for staying in control is to avoid borrowing money while gambling. Gambling debts can damage your credit history and even put you on the problem gambling list. You can set spending limits on most gambling sites, but if you find yourself losing a lot of money, don’t chase your losses. This could lead to missed payments or even defaults on loans. The UK has recently banned gambling with credit cards, so it’s essential to stick to a budget while gambling.

In addition to not borrowing money while gambling, it’s also a good idea to keep separate bank accounts for each partner. Even if you own your house jointly, make sure that your partner doesn’t have access to the accounts. If your partner borrows money for gambling, don’t remortgage your house or take out loans. Talk to your credit provider or bank about your gambling problems. Lending money to someone with a gambling problem is not a good idea, and could lead to even more problems.

If you’re already in debt, talk to your creditors and try to come to an agreement. Often times, creditors will renegotiate repayment terms or even create a payment plan for you. This way, you can avoid missing payments and paying higher fees. Also, be sure to tell creditors that you’ve taken steps to stop gambling and that you no longer want to borrow money. In the end, it’s better to avoid borrowing money while gambling than to continue to have debt because of it.

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