Kingdoms rise: forbidden forest

The Kingdoms Rise: Forbidden Forest is the newest release from the makers of the well received and popular Kingdoms Rising series. As in the past games, you play the role of a loyal shieldmaidens tasked with protecting the innocent people of your kingdom. This time around though, instead of being just a game that puts you in the role of some fictional medieval character, Kingdoms Rising: Forbidden Forest is more of an interactive experience that involves a more engrossing storyline. In fact, the storyline promises to keep readers updated right throughout its duration. In this regard, we cannot but notice that Kingdoms Rising series has been one of the most successful online role-playing games ever.

With a great story, fantastic graphics, and outstanding sound effects, Kingdoms Rise: Forbidden Forest has a lot to live up to. In fact, this online game is different from other casino games because it does not require the player to be connected to the Internet for playing. All you need is a flash player plug-in to be able to enjoy this highly addictive game, which can also be played for free with the help of a live dealer. To top it all, the free welcome bonus is included with the purchase of this product, which will further encourage more online casino gamers to purchase the full version of this popular casino game.

What’s great about Kingdoms Rise: Forbidden Forest is the fact that it is not too difficult to understand. Despite its non-traditional storyline, the game itself is quite fun to play thanks to its engaging sound effects and great graphics. For those who are not entirely sure about this kind of game, a brief glimpse into its mechanics will definitely give you an idea as to what to expect. Through the various symbols that are shown on the screen, you have to strike your enemies to gain points and ultimately defeat them in order to advance to the next level. Likewise, destroying your enemies within a certain time limit will earn you bonuses which, if you are lucky enough, can allow you to buy special weapons and other items that will make your gameplay more exciting and challenging.

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