Dragon tiger

Dragon Tiger is one of the easiest casino games to learn and play. There are no special rules or strategies for this game. It’s based on a standard 52-card deck, and there are no jokers or wild cards. The game begins by placing a bet on either the Tiger or the “Dragon.” The dealer will then deal two cards face up on the table. The cards are ranked according to their numerical value, starting with the lowest card, the Ace, and rising to the highest, the King and the Queen.

Dragon Tiger is a game similar to Casino War and Baccarat. The table is divided vertically and contains two spots, one in the middle and one on the side. You can place your bet on either side, and you must guess the highest card value. After each round, you’ll receive a payout. However, don’t get carried away by the game’s simplicity. You should stick to fewer games and manage your bankroll well.

Fortunately, Dragon Tiger is not a difficult game to play. Its simple gameplay makes it a good choice for casinos, which is why there are live versions available. In addition to the standard version, you can choose to play the live version. In this version, you’ll have access to real-time streaming from Evolution’s gaming studios. The live stream feature allows you to adjust the video settings, view game history, and chat with the dealers.

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